The Irishman | S2E6

TheTHINGpod pirates are back on the open sea! This week they dig into the Disney+ Star Wars story phenomenon The Mandalorian… Baby Yoda you guys! They also check in on the weekly HBO Deathwatch (spoiler alert: Watchmen is still holding strong). Then the fellas have a sit down to pay their respects to the Thing of the Week, Martin Scorsese’s Netflix masterpiece The Irishman! So give it a listen, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to ya… just sayin’

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The Sisters Brothers | Season 2 Episode 5

This week Matt and Eric, our trusty ThingPodders, dig into some Things Just In, they start the HBO deathwatch, and discuss the genius of Damon Lindelof and his new Thing the Watchmen. Then they discuss the beautiful little gold nugget of a movie, The Sisters Brothers, starring the Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilley and some guy named Jake Gyllenhaal. Come on in, you ARE gonna like what happens next!

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The Toughest Podcast in Letterkenny | Season 2 Episode 2

There are two hosts of The Thing podcast. These are their problems.
Your favorite shirt tuckers, Matt and Eric, are back to dig in on some of the latest jolts of The Thing! They discuss new stuff from Sturgill Simpson, folksters the Avett Brothers, Comedian Gulman, and more! Finally, they get into the Thing of the Week: Letterkenny! Sort yourself out and tune in. Time to get to chroin’. Pitter-patter. Ferda!

Episode 45 – David Avis!

Matt goes back out into the wilderness (er, the backyard) to interview Improv Impresario (Improvsario?) and founder of the Good on Paper Improv Troupe David Avis! They talk about the logistics of catching comedy lightning in a bottle, try to pin down the elusive golden era of SNL, and much more. David also talks about the upcoming season of Good on Paper Improv and where you can watch the magic happen. Is this a fun episode? YES…AND you should plug in and give it a listen!

For More information on Good On Paper and their upcoming season click here

This episode is brought to you by the book “Not a Children’s Story” bu Neil Csolkovits, now available on Amazon.