The Outsider | S2E16

Eric and Matt are back on the airwaves to bring you the ThingPod in this time of crisis. We talk about some Things Just In with fitting titles: Marc Maron’s new comedy special “End Times Fun”, Nathanial Rateliff’s new album “And It’s Still Alright”, and Nelson Demille’s pulpy new novel “The Deserter”. Sensing a theme?

Finally, we compare notes on the recent Steven King inspired HBO series, The Outsider. The Thing or not the Thing, that is the question. So wash your hands, and your phone, and sit back and have a listen.

My Dinner with Andre | S2E15

Throwback THING!
Matt is on vacation this week so Eric has a solo talk with himself about a number of topics that interest him, including the 1981 cult classic My Dinner with Andre, in which two men talk with each other about a number of topics that interest them.
It’s a minimalist episode of TheTHINGpod dear listeners, meticulously crafted for your listening pleasure.

An Evening with Norm | S2E14

It’s a very special episode of TheTHINGpod as the boys sit down with real-life superhero Norman LeFlore. If you live in the Traverse City area, it’s likely you already know Norm. If not, you’ll soon feel like you do. We talk about everything from his challenging upbringing in Chicago to his breakthrough in sports, to what it is that keeps him going as a never-say-die fitness inspiration to many. Join us for this rowdy talk with a truly one of a kind human. Do it!

Motherless Brooklyn | S2E13

This week Matt took his protein pills and put his helmet on for the first ThingPod solo spacewalk. He does a quick recap on all things Oscars, shares his reservations on the second coming of Jesus (Quintana), checks in on the lurking HBO leviathan The Outsider, and more Things Just In.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, Matt breaks down the Ed Norton passion project Motherless Brooklyn and why the world is better for it. Have a listen, can you hear him, Major Tom…Can you hear him, Major Tom…

Parasite | S2E12

The boys are back from space to bring you The Thing! Eric and Matt talk Radiohead Spotify surprises, check-in on HBO’s horror drama hit The Outsider, and the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (according to Eric, just prettaaaay, prettaaaay, prettaaaay, good).

For the Thing of the Week, we keep the Oscar best picture theme rolling with a discussion on Bong Joon-ho directed phenomenon Parasite. It’s a great talk on an absolute roller coaster of a movie that blew our minds. So come out of the bunker and have a listen, it’s safe…we promise.