Episode 8 – 10 Cloverfield Lane

This week Eric and Matt chat about the two-way street of creativity, flake-out with Flaked in the Week in Review, and dig into the Hitchcockian thrill-ride that is 10 Cloverfield Lane. This week’s episode is once again brought to you by Bran Gustafson’s excellent new novel “Coyote” on bookshelves now. So lock the bunker door behind you and tune in to our frequency!

Episode 7 – Podcasts

Eric and Matt talk about the continued Judd Apatow comedy onslaught, get “Throwback Thingy” with the late and legendary Elliott Smith, and debut the new “Thing Just In” segment. The main topic this week is Podcasts… Thats right folks, a podcast about podcasts (cue Inception “BRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHMMMMMM!!”). This weeks episode is brought you by the new pulpy crime novel “Coyote” by Bran Gustafson available now at brangustafson.com.

Episode 6 – Deadpool

We’re back from our brief mid-winter hiatus! This week we catch up on two weeks in review by discussing the Witch, some classic throwback Bowie, and the Thing of the week Deadpool! Please don’t be alarmed, Eric is not actually stuck in a well…we just had a minor audio issue. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to make the Thing the best it can be. This episode is brought to you by the new pulpy crime thriller “Coyote” from author Bran Gustafson.

Episode 5 – Sports

Now with improved sound quality! This week Eric & Matt talk about the ridiculousness of the Superbowl and get into some fun sports pontification including a some classic motivation courtesy of Al Pacino. Some movie news including the new Bourne Trailer and a big shout to Bern Your Enthusiasm. Jessica Jones gets a recommend as well and the Basquiat film Radiant Child. Everybody knows your name on The Thing (yes, we’re talking about Cheers). And our “friends” at ECorp come crawling back with some of that sweet dirty sponsor cash. Join us!