Episode 14 – Cornucopia Thing!

This week on The Thing: The Horn of Plenty! In the absence of a true Thing of the Week, Matt & Eric deliver a veritable smorgasbord of Week in Review, Throwback, and Thing of the Week topics. It’s all here folks, our breakdown on the movies, TV, music, podcasts, comedy, comic books, and more that we say are worth your time right now. Join our rapid fire roundup of goodness!

Episode 13 – Game of Thrones (Season 1)

This week Eric and Matt catch up on two weeks of Week in Review, discuss their excitement around the sudden availability of NEW RADIOHEAD MUSIC (!), and finally cross the wall into Westeros to do battle with Season One of Game of Thrones. Sit down for a listen…or there may just be a pike in the Village Square with your name on it. Long live the King! Winter is Coming! …and so forth.