Episode 22 – Stranger Things

What a week it was Thingamabobs! Join Eric and Matt as they surf the “yuuuge” wave of spectacular satire aimed at this weeks Republican National Convention, sort through some of the exciting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, and “Throwback” to a classic comedy gem. For the Thing of the Week, our hosts travel back to the 80’s to discuss the sensational new Netflix horror/thriller Stranger Things! Are you wondering “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”…Stay! And listen to the THING of course.

Episode 21 – Maron (Season 4)

This week The THING Podcast crew discuss the pros and cons of streaming interfaces, gear up for a big few weeks of political humor and new releases, and take a peek at some of the Things that came out of the recent STAR WARS (!) Celebration. Finally, we send off “Maron”, the recently wrapped streaming series from one of our podcasting heroes, Marc Maron. So put the Pikachu down, get out of traffic, and get The THING in your earholes!

Episode 20 – Bone Tomahawk

Eric and Matt mount up for their first Western themed episode! Ride along as they recap the week in creative culture, look ahead to a few summer THINGS Just In and end up in the “Valley of Starving Men” to discuss the amazing, genre-bending masterpiece that is Bone Tomahawk! Don’t be a troglodyte, download and listen in now!

Episode 19 – Game of Thrones (Season 6)

Join Eric and Matt this week as they talk about the retirement of our favorite home companion Garrison Keillor, get subversive with the My Favorite Murder Podcast and Dr. Steve Brule. And finally, go back to Westeros to review the explosive season 6 of Game of Thrones! Winter has arrived, and right in the middle of summer no less…