Episode 41 – Jenni Marion Manian

Matt takes the podcast out of the bunker for a chat with graphic illustrator, and improvisational force of nature, Jenni Marian Manian. They discuss the process of harnessing the creative spirit, the long road to finding an artistic voice, the relative effectiveness of participating on the D.A.R.E. program, and A LOT more. Please tune in to this week’s episode because if we have learned anything when it comes to Jenni. it is: “You had to be there”.

Jenni Marian Manian is the creative force behind the new THING Podcast “Space Cadet” logo, and more of her illustration work can be viewed at @jennidraws in Instagram.

Episode 40 – Baby Driver

The boys are back after an (unintended) independence week break. This week they catch up on some exciting THINGs Just In (Stranger Things S2!), recap a couple weeks worth of engaging creative content, and prepare to sail back into Westeros this weekend! Finally, they dig in to this weeks THING of the Week, the stylized, crazy-cool summer thrill ride that is Baby Driver! Put on your seat belt, crank up some Bellbottoms and come along for the ride!