Jojo Rabbit | S2E28

Hey-o Thingamabobs! This weekend Thing Just In, our dynamic duo shares their excitement about the new Killer Mike Docuseries “Trigger Warning”, raises their red flags about the new HBO documentary “Bully. Coward. Victim. The Roy Cohn Story”, and weighs in with a discussion on the Chris D’Elia (career) death watch and what to do with our recent episode.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, we have an impassioned celebration of the outstanding WWII Dramedy “JoJo Rabbit” Directed by Taika Waititi. This little beauty caught us right in the sweet spot and was a timely reminder of everything we love about art. Put on your dancing shoes and listen along!

King of Staten Island | S2E27

We are back on the air this week catching up on all things THING! We talk about the recent WTF with Jerry Seinfeld and the value of authenticity in Comedy (we’re looking at you Chris D’Elia). We also geek out about new stuff from Jim Gaffigan, Mike Birbiglia, and IDLES!

Our main topic this week is a deep dive into the new Pete Davidson vehicle “King of Staten Island” directed by Judd Apatow and featuring one of our favorite guys, old freckles himself: Bill Burr! Is it the THING? You will have to tune in and find out…

Blade Runner | S2E26

Your two favorite replicants are back to talk all things Thing! This week we catch up on Things Just In that include the explosive new Run The Jewels album RTJ4, the Weather according to David Lynch, and definitive cost-benefit analysts of Transcendental Meditation.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, we finally dig into the 1982 Ridley Scott Sci-fi Classic Blade Runner. Come in and listen, make some new memories that hopefully will not fade away…like tears…in the rain…

The Last Dance | S2E25

Your boys are still surfing those quarantine waves and trying to bring you that stuff that makes you feel alive! This week the guys ponder the mystery that is HBOMax, reveal their favorite “bad movies”, and introduce a couple of new weekly categories.

For this week’s Thing Of The Week, we talk about the beautifully made ESPN Michael Jordan doc “The Last Dance”. Wanna hear a couple non-sports guys try and talk sports? Well, what time is it? Game time…huahh!

This week’s episode is brought to you by: Compassion and Empathy for your fellow man…get some now while supplies last!