The Toughest Podcast in Letterkenny | Season 2 Episode 2

There are two hosts of The Thing podcast. These are their problems.
Your favorite shirt tuckers, Matt and Eric, are back to dig in on some of the latest jolts of The Thing! They discuss new stuff from Sturgill Simpson, folksters the Avett Brothers, Comedian Gulman, and more! Finally, they get into the Thing of the Week: Letterkenny! Sort yourself out and tune in. Time to get to chroin’. Pitter-patter. Ferda!

Episode 24 – The Lobster

What animal do you want to be? This week on the The THING we make a meal of the way-out absurdist dystopian comedy-drama The Lobster. Join Matt and Eric for a late-night recap of the week that was in popular culture and look forward to some of the stuff coming down the shoot. It’s all here: movies, TV, streaming, music, comics, and our famous bad impressions. Tap in!

Episode 22 – Stranger Things

What a week it was Thingamabobs! Join Eric and Matt as they surf the “yuuuge” wave of spectacular satire aimed at this weeks Republican National Convention, sort through some of the exciting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, and “Throwback” to a classic comedy gem. For the Thing of the Week, our hosts travel back to the 80’s to discuss the sensational new Netflix horror/thriller Stranger Things! Are you wondering “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”…Stay! And listen to the THING of course.