An Evening with Norm | S2E14

It’s a very special episode of TheTHINGpod as the boys sit down with real-life superhero Norman LeFlore. If you live in the Traverse City area, it’s likely you already know Norm. If not, you’ll soon feel like you do. We talk about everything from his challenging upbringing in Chicago to his breakthrough in sports, to what it is that keeps him going as a never-say-die fitness inspiration to many. Join us for this rowdy talk with a truly one of a kind human. Do it!

Episode 18 – Summer Blockbuster Blues

Eric and Matt discuss the challenge in finding a fresh, compelling summer blockbuster. They also talk Bill Simmons new Sports/Pop Culture HBO project, the latest from the Avetts, and get meta with some talk about Infinite Jest and the future of Virtual Reality. Put on your VR helmet and check in to The THING at your own risk, you may never want to leave….

Episode 5 – Sports

Now with improved sound quality! This week Eric & Matt talk about the ridiculousness of the Superbowl and get into some fun sports pontification including a some classic motivation courtesy of Al Pacino. Some movie news including the new Bourne Trailer and a big shout to Bern Your Enthusiasm. Jessica Jones gets a recommend as well and the Basquiat film Radiant Child. Everybody knows your name on The Thing (yes, we’re talking about Cheers). And our “friends” at ECorp come crawling back with some of that sweet dirty sponsor cash. Join us!