Flash Gordon | Watch Along Special

This week we hop into our escape rocket to watch along with the Dino Di Laurentis sci-fi, super camp classic Flash Gordon! Listen along as Eric and Matt discuss the impression this movie made on their childhood and react to what it is like to revisit it after 20+ years…it is quite a ride. Also, the Queen produced soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission…
“He’ll save every one of us!”

*guitar solo*

(secret escape rocket)

No Retreat, No Surrender | Watch Along Special!

Happy 2020 ThingamaBobs! The New Year is all about setting goals, making resolutions, and committing to improvement. With that in mind, we take on the, uh, inspirational ’80s Karate Classic “No Retreat, No Surrender!” Watch along with us as we provide our reactions and commentary to what Matt claims was The Thing in his formative years (which, to be fair, explains a lot). By actually finishing this early Jean Claude Van Damme clunker, we prove that there truly is “No Retreat, No Surrender!”