The Beastie Boys Story | S2E23

We’re comin’ back at you from the bunker with another THINGPod! This week, we finally see the silver lining of new a new Run the Jewels album, look at early reviews for Tom Hardy’s new crazy “Capone”, and revisit the joys of the Kevin Pollack Chat Show.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, we shower praise on the new Spike Jonze directed Apple TV doc/retrospective “The Beastie Boys Story”. Listen along with as we celebrate a lifetime of the Beasties and give out our first Lifetime Thing Award…Kick it!

Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours to Kill | S2E22

The boys are (still) in the bunker bringing that ThingPod goodness! For this week’s Things Just In they get excited for the new Pete Davidson pic “King of Staten Island”, react to the Rewatchables Podcast take on the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day”, look forward to the new Rory Scovel series “Robbie”…and more!

For the Thing of the Week, they chat about the new special from one of the all-time greats, Jerry Seinfeld’s “23 Hours to Kill”. Some people won’t tune in for this episode…Whoooo aaaare theeese people?!

Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES | S2E21

The ThingPod is back with your trusty ThingPodeers Eric and Matt. This week in Things Just In we chat about the new HBO Dark Comedy “Run”, trip-out on the new animated Netflix Series “Midnight Gospel” from psychonaut Duncan Trussell, and take “The Last Dance” with Michael Jordan on ESPN.

For the Thing of the Week this week we get pumped about the beautifully wild, delightfully violent, and brilliantly simple “Joy as an Act of Resistance” from the British rock outfit IDLES. Come get in the mosh pit with us…and get a hug!

Devs | S2E20

It’s another lockdown episode from the ThingPod Boys. This week we dig into the hilarious new Oh, Hello: the P’dcast (charmedi’msure), the meditative Nintendo switch game Animal Crossings, and geek out over the punk Brit Blast of a band IDLES.

Our Thing of the week this week is the trippy new Hulu series Devs starring Nick Offerman. We have a blast trying to unpack the layers of this one-of-a-kind tech thriller created by Alex Garland. You will tune in and listen, we know it…it is predetermined.

Chris D’Elia’s No Pain | S2E19

Eric and Matt are back with more ThingPod in the time of Quarantine. This week we talk John Krasinski’s Good News, volley some Late Night highlights, and get excited about the moody new Hulu series Devs.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, we rave about Chris D’Elia’s new Netflix stand up special “No Pain”…It is a Silly goose time indeed!