Devs | S2E20

It’s another lockdown episode from the ThingPod Boys. This week we dig into the hilarious new Oh, Hello: the P’dcast (charmedi’msure), the meditative Nintendo switch game Animal Crossings, and geek out over the punk Brit Blast of a band IDLES.

Our Thing of the week this week is the trippy new Hulu series Devs starring Nick Offerman. We have a blast trying to unpack the layers of this one-of-a-kind tech thriller created by Alex Garland. You will tune in and listen, we know it…it is predetermined.

Chris D’Elia’s No Pain | S2E19

Eric and Matt are back with more ThingPod in the time of Quarantine. This week we talk John Krasinski’s Good News, volley some Late Night highlights, and get excited about the moody new Hulu series Devs.

For this week’s Thing of the Week, we rave about Chris D’Elia’s new Netflix stand up special “No Pain”…It is a Silly goose time indeed!

Thing in the Time of Corona | S2E18

Eric and Matt are back with some banter on the state of the Thing during these strange times. We catch on the phenomenon of comedy with no audience, have a live content roundup, and celebrate the ingenuity of some local artists and businesses.

Finally, we mention a few cinema classics that may help you bide your time, and for once and for all put a nail in the damn Tiger King! We hope you give us a listen, we would love to join your quarantine.

Tiger King | S2E17

Matt and Eric are back from the bunker to give you the lowdown on a bunch of Things Just In. We talk about the boom in live content during the pandemic, a great 80’s Rewatchable, surprise content drops including a new Nine Inch Nails Double album Ghost 5 & 6 and a surprise premiere of the Josh Homme and Iggy Pop doc American Valhalla, and more.

This week’s Thing of the Week is the essential Cringewatch™, Tiger King. We try our best to process the insanity of this documentary gumbo of Big Cat zoo management, polygamy, murder for hire, and egomania gone wild. It is really…something. Come on in and have listen, but don’t stick your hand in the cage

The Outsider | S2E16

Eric and Matt are back on the airwaves to bring you the ThingPod in this time of crisis. We talk about some Things Just In with fitting titles: Marc Maron’s new comedy special “End Times Fun”, Nathanial Rateliff’s new album “And It’s Still Alright”, and Nelson Demille’s pulpy new novel “The Deserter”. Sensing a theme?

Finally, we compare notes on the recent Steven King inspired HBO series, The Outsider. The Thing or not the Thing, that is the question. So wash your hands, and your phone, and sit back and have a listen.